Logo Design

I've produced the logos and branding for a wide range of clients, from arts organizations to university programs.

A clean, stylish logo for a floating spa in Victoria's inner harbour.
A quirky, welcoming logo for an artist's retreat in Southern Ontario.
A bold, playful logo for my educational products company.
A logo for a Yukon performing arts society, depicting the star-dappled Yukon skies, with a rounded, modern typeface.
A bright, geometric logo for a university program at McMaster University.
A symbolic, friendly logo for a inter-university exchange program.
A nature-inspired logo for a training fund run by the Yukon government.

NAISA logo collection

I was commissioned by NAISA to create a series of logos for their organization and the events that they host. Each of these logos shares a colour scheme and typography. They each reference an aspect of sound transmission.

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