Parade Branding and Website

As the Head of Design for this tech startup, I created the branding, marketing site, and user interface.

About the Project

I was brought on as the Head of Design for Parade – a generative design startup funded by Y Combinator. Among my many tasks were designing the branding, website, marketing materials, design system and user interface for the product.

I managed a team of two other designers, and worked closely with the engineering team to quickly build and ship product iterations. I lead the creation of a generative design system that produced a full set of design assets for clients in under 24 hours.


Parade created branding for thousands of companies, and received great reviews about the quality of the design assets, and how much money it saved the client.

The company shut down in 2022, but the design I.P. may be used again in the future.

UI/UX Design

I lead the design of the user interface for the Parade product. This involved creating and refining the many screens and interactive components that the user navigated to create their branding.

Working closely with the engineering team, I designed dozens of screens that functioned well at all screen sizes, and were intuitive for the user to work with.

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