Assorted Card Decks

The Money Deck

A deck filled with facts about person finance. I collaborated with financial wizard Nicholas Fleming to produce this deck.
It has been used as an educational tool by Junior Achievement USA, and UBS Bank.

The illustrations were done by Jori Bolton, who has worked with Guiness, Wired Magazine, and Scientific American.
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The Beer Deck

A deck containing everything you could ever want to know about beer. I collaborated with illustrator/designer Caleb Beyers.

This deck is carried in numerous bars and breweries across North America.
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The Weed Deck

On the tails of cannabis legalization in Canada, I released this educational deck, full of valuable information. I hired illustrator Celia Krampien to create the beautiful illustrations.

It is carried in many dispensaries and clinics throughout Canada and the US.
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The Font Deck

A typography-focused follow up to the Design Deck, this deck focuses fully on fonts. It contains everything you need to know to be a type whiz.

They have been featured by NYT Style Magazine: Spain, Paste Magazine, and Mental Floss.
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